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Here are what some of our distributors from around the world have to say about working with Dakin-Flathers...

“Dakin-flathers... gave me excellent service and a great product, always on time; and were always willing to go that extra mile...  helping me to achieve my goals.  I checked the quality against the very best, and it stood the test.  My customers never complained.  If you want the best, go with Dakin-Flathers, a real first class maker of band saws”
Bill Johnson - President & Owner Demps Saw & Tool

“Dakin-Flathers have an excellent customer service department, with friendly and very efficient personnel”
U.K. Machine Manufacturer

“We have just received your last shipment and everthing was perfect. The quality of the saw stock was very good throughout, the packaging was fine, properly labeled, no back-orders, we appreciate it!"
U.S. Distributor

Here's just a small selection of comments we've received about our amazing new Ripper 37 Bandsaw Blade...

"I sent some trial blades to a few of my existing customers to check the quality and was shocked when they told me this was much better than the one I had been supplying them with. The users demanded that I supply them the Ripper37 blade in the future. It wasn’t a tough decision to switch to Ripper37 for all my customers. Who am I to argue with what they demand?"
U.S. Distributor

“I have never had the blade which was so good for the first time without grinding. Your blade was perfect after regrinding also. I am surprised how the blade is cutting the frozen wood. I have no problems, no waving, clean cut. I am sure I will order the Ripper37 next time.”
European End-User

“Absolutely fantastic blade, cuts like a dream straight out of the box. I’ve been waiting 20 years for a blade like this!”
U.K. End-User

"I cut mostly reclaimed timber that contains all kinds of metal debris. Normally when I hit a nail, the blade is damaged (sometimes beyond repair) and the timber being cut is scrap. I recently hit debris with a Ripper37 blade the blade just kept on cutting and producing good product."
U.K. End-User

“These saw blades are sharper from the get go and stays sharp longer than other saw blades I’ve tried!” 
European End-User 

“I've been using them on my sawmill since the middle of August-about 5 days a week-  8-10 hours a day and I'm finding these blades to be excellent. I'm getting around 30 sharpenings on most of them and I still have a couple that I haven't even used yet. I have tried them on all different kinds of wood. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.”
U.S. End-User

To find out more about why these and other users are so excited, please call us on +44 (0) 1977 705 600, email us here, or visit our product pages.

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