Ripper37B Sawmill Bandsaw Blade

Exceptional performance for greater productivity.

For high-performance primary wood processing

Dakin-Flathers Ripper37B sawmill bandsaw blade is a specialist bandsaw designed for high-performance primary wood processing, timber-ripping and resaw applications.

Ripper37B bimetal sawmill bandsaw blade
Manufactured with tooth tips

Designed for high-performance

Manufactured with tooth tips made from high-performance M42 high-speed steel and a backing material in alloy tempered steel, this bandsaw blade is ideal for Wood-Mizer, Baker, Forestor, TimberKing, Woodland Mills, LogMaster, Norwood, Hud-Son, Cook’s machines, most portable sawmills and many multi-head sawmilling machines.

Suitable for cutting:

Lumber (logs)

Why use Ripper37B bimetal sawmill blades?

When you purchase Ripper37B M42 blades, you benefit from:

37% greater durability

Than the competition

Significantly faster cutting rates

For accelerated productivity

Exceptional performance

Giving cleaner, smoother cuts

Excellent heat and wear resistance to cut

For longer and harder

Increased blade life

For reduced production costs and blade spend

Improved quality of finish

On sawn timber

Available tooth forms:

Hook 10˚

Recommended for general purpose milling

Additional information:

Available widths:

34 mm (1 ¼+”)

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Tooth hardness:

67 HRC

Exceptional design

Unique, reliable construction

With the Ripper37B bimetal sawmill bandsaw blade, we have created a strong, durable and high-performance product that can withstand prolonged usage.

By using over a century of expertise in blade manufacture, we have created our own unique methods to ensure long-lasting products that perform like new time and time again. The bimetal construction of the Ripper37B provides even greater performance, giving you an excellent range of options.

The highest

Guaranteed quality

Every Dakin-Flathers Ripper37B blade is backed by our no-quibble Gold Seal Guarantee when factory welded. If you’re not absolutely delighted with your purchase, we’ll replace it or refund you in full.

To find out more information about Ripper37B, download our product brochure.