Ripper37 Quantum Resaw Blade

3x longer lasting than the nearest competitor.

Ultra-long life resaw bandsaw blades

Ripper37 Quantum resaw blade is revolutionary. Developed using patent-pending aerospace technology, Dakin-Flathers have produced a resaw blade which lasts up to 3 times longer than its nearest competitor. Suitable for all resaw applications on multi-head sawmills such as Baker Products and Wood-Mizer.

Ripper37 Quantum Resaw Blade
A revolutionary blade

Demolishing the competition

For use in resaw applications such as pallet manufacturing, the Ripper37 Quantum resaw blade exceeds all expectations of blade life, lasting 3 times longer than its closest rival.

This ground-breaking blade delivers maximum output for your mill in turn increasing your profits and revenue. Push your machine for longer with no need for premature blade changeovers.

Suitable for cutting:

Lumber (logs)

Why use Ripper37 Quantum resaw blades?

When you purchase Ripper37 Quantum resaw bandsaw blades, you benefit from:

3x longer blade life

Drastically reducing downtime and maximizing output

Optimal grain structure

Maintaining a consistently sharp edge throughout prolonged cutting applications

Unparalleled “out-of-the-box” performance

Minimising setup time

Exceptional performance

No unnecessary blade changes increasing your margins and profits

The perfect balance between strength and flexibility

For greater performance

Improved quality of finish

On sawn timber

Available tooth profiles:

Hook 10˚

Recommended for general resaw applications

Additional information:

Available widths:

27mm (1+”)

Tooth hardness:

62 HRC

Industry First

Manufacturing process

Dakin-Flathers has over 125 years of bandsaw manufacturing experience and is constantly driving innovation in the industry.

By pushing the boundaries of traditional bandsaw manufacturer, Dakin-Flathers have developed an industry-first process using aerospace technology. This patent-pending top-secret technique utilizes gaseous phase control on heat treatment delivering truly unique results.

The highest

Performance ever

The top-secret manufacturing process delivers exceptionally low levels of oxidization producing a near-perfect grain structure of the Ripper37 Quantum resaw blade. This results in an almost unbelievable blade life and cutting performance. A resaw bandsaw blade which lasts 3 x longer than the competition!

Ripper37 Quantum resaw blade promises cutting-edge features, for all resaw applications, including unparalleled performance, efficiency, and precision.

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