RipperS Resaw Bandsaw Blade

A cost-effective way to get more out of your sawmill.

Cost-effective way to get more out of your sawmill

This RipperS Resaw Bandsaw Blade has been designed for primary wood processing, timber-ripping and resaw applications. Its strong and flexible construction makes it capable of cutting more for longer, increasing your output and minimising downtime.

ripper blade
No other manufacturer offers

Such a complete and versatile range

The RipperS Resaw Bandsaw Blade is suitable for Wood-Mizer, Baker, Forestor, TimberKing, Woodland Mills, LogMaster, Norwood, Hud-Son, Cook’s machines, most portable sawmills and many multi-head sawmilling machines.


Suitable for cutting:

Lumber (logs)

Why use RipperS bandsaw blades?

When you purchase RipperS resaw blades, you benefit from:

Unique “out-of-the-box”


Minimal waste

and maximum cutting power

The perfect balance

between strength and flexibility

Reduced production costs

and more profit for you and your company

Improved quality of finish

on the sawn timber

Available tooth profiles:

Hook 10˚

Suitable for general resaw applications

Additional information:

Available widths:

27–51 mm (1+”–2+”)

To see the full range, download our product sheet

Tooth hardness:

62 HRC

RipperS resaw blade

Unique, reliable construction

As with any Dakin-Flathers blade, the RipperS is constructed right here in the UK to strict quality standards. We use only the best materials to ensure a durable product for our clients and their customers.

With over 125 years’ experience in the industry, we know exactly how to craft blades that perform better for longer. Our unique welding technique ensures maximum strength at the saw’s weakest point, making our blades stronger and more durable than anything else on the market.

The highest

Guaranteed quality

Every Dakin-Flathers RipperS blade is backed by our no-quibble Gold Seal Guarantee when factory welded. If you’re not absolutely delighted with your purchase, we’ll replace it or refund you in full.

To find out more information about RipperS, download our product brochure.