Dakin-Flathers blades are specified on many cutting machines due to their performance and durability.

Superior OEM bandsaw and bandknife blades

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), you want nothing but the highest-quality blades to ensure that your machines are the best they can be.

OEM bandsaw blades
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The highest-quality blades for OEM’s

Thanks to our reputation for producing strong, reliable and durable products, Dakin-Flathers blades are specified on many cutting machines. Your machine is only as good as the blade you use on it; by sourcing your bandsaw and bandknife blades from us, you’ll ensure the high quality and excellent performance that your customers expect.

Our continual product development ensures that you’ll always have the most efficient blades for your equipment, getting the job done right every time.

We’ve had fantastic success partnering with machinery manufacturers over the years. Most recognise that in order to give their customers the best possible experience of their machine, they need to supply it with a great blade. That’s why they partner with Dakin-Flathers. Above all, they understand it really doesn’t make sense to sell a machine with a low or variable quality blade.

Paul Greenley, Sales Director Dakin-Flathers
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Dakin-Flathers blades

Your machines deserve only the best quality blades, and you’ll reap the benefits as a result. Great quality brings with it great performance – and most importantly for you, a great user experience.

Because we manufacture all of our products at our UK-based facility, we can even apply your company branding to the blades before sending them to you.

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Why purchase from Dakin-Flathers?

Dakin-Flathers blades help machines to reliably reach their true performance potential, and many manufacturers specify our blades as standard.

Boost your profits

The high performance of our products helps ensure the high performance of yours – resulting in satisfied end-users who will likely become repeat buyers. Your customers may even go on to purchase additional blades from you, so it’s a worthy investment.

Know your blades

We can provide full training on all of our blades, so you’re best placed to install them on your machines and sell to your customers. You can then be confident that your end-users have everything they’ll need to increase productivity, and confident that your reputation remains in tact.

Improve your equipment

Your machine is only as good as the blade you put on it. Even the highest-quality cutting machine will struggle to perform well with a cheap poor quality blade. Invest in your equipment and increase its productivity by only using the best blades money can buy.

Increase your customers output

Using Dakin-Flathers blades will improve the cutting performance of your equipment by minimising time lost to sharpening, adjusting or replacing blades. The quality and accuracy of our bandsaw and bandknife blades means that you can rely on them for extended usage.

Make your mark

We’re able to laser mark your company’s logo on to your blades and provide bespoke packaging, giving you access to branded blades. By manufacturing our blades in-house in the UK, we can ensure the high quality that your reputation deserves.

More than just a manufacturer for OEM blades

When you buy from Dakin-Flathers, our relationship doesn’t just end with the transaction; we’re here to provide an ongoing service to you, from initial enquiry through to product training and aftercare support.

Improved equipment performance

Your machine is only as good as the blades you put on it. By investing in high-quality Dakin-Flathers blades, you can improve the performance of your machines.

This means that your customers will be able to benefit from the increased output, minimised downtime and decreased material waste that our blades afford.

Consistent quality

We manufacture our blades at our UK-based purpose-built 24-hour facility, allowing us to ensure that our products are held to the highest quality standards.

No matter how many bandsaw or bandknife blades you purchase from us, you can be sure of precision cutting, durability and excellent results every time. We’ve been manufacturing blades for over 125 years, so we’re able to guarantee quality in every blade.

Only order what you need

It can be frustrating when blade manufacturers require you to make bulk orders that tie up your assets and take up space.

That’s why we allow you to make short orders, so you can avoid large overheads and only keep on hand what you need. When you’re ready to order more, we’ll send your new blades promptly, no matter where you are in the world.

Private label branding

By manufacturing our blades in-house, we’re able to provide our OEM customers with custom branding.

This includes the ability to have your logo laser marked onto the blade, as well as options for bespoke packaging, seamlessly integrating our blades into your companies brand.

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Blade supplies for your machinery

Dakin-Flathers supply high-quality blades to cutting machine manufacturers worldwide.

Would you like to benefit from our high-quality products, excellent reputation and ongoing technical support?

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