Meat Cutting Bandsaw Blade

Razor-sharp bandsaw and bandknife blades for the food industry
Meat Cutting Bandsaw Blade

Razor-sharp bandsaw and bandknife blades for the meat industry

Dakin-Flathers blades have been stapled in the food manufacturing industry for many years, with companies worldwide putting their trust in our products.

Exceptional products

Food-safe cutting blades

With the strict standards and regulations of the food industry, any blades used in preparation must be of the highest quality to ensure a safe end product.

All of our blades are manufactured right here in the UK and adhere to stringent safety standards. They are coated with food-grade mineral oil, so they are safe and ready for immediate use.

At the beginning, our Freshcut37 sales accounted for only 3% of our total sales of meat cutting blades. Today it represents 95% of our sales. This is quite significant as we have doubled our total sales volume since 2012.

Daniel Schmuziger, CEO Indusfacas


Don’t worry – we know it’s not a case of one-size-fits-all. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help find the right product for your requirements.

Our food-cutting blades are suitable for:

  • Bread slicing
  • Carcass splitting
  • Fish filleting
  • Frozen meat and fish cutting
  • Meat preparation
  • Salad harvesting
  • Poultry portioning
  • Processed food slicing
  • Vegetable cutting

Take a look at our range of food-processing bandsaw blades to see how we can enhance the performance of your food manufacturing processes.

Maximise performance

Superior yield

Our food-cutting bandsaws and bandknives are available in a range of process-specific tooth forms and edge types for different applications, giving the best results for the job at hand.

This, combined with the durable, razor-sharp edges and teeth of our UK-manufactured blades, means almost zero product waste during the cutting process. Using Dakin-Flathers food-cutting bandsaw and bandknife blades will allow you to increase profits.

High-quality products

Reliable cutting every time

The sharp, durable blades that we manufacture will provide you with reliable cutting for longer, minimising replacement costs and downtime. The high-quality cutting power of Dakin-Flathers blades also gives an improved visual appearance of the final product to maintain your high standards.

All of our meat cutting bandsaw blades are backed by our Gold Seal Guarantee when factory welded, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If you’re not happy, we’ll replace or refund them.