Freshcut37 Food Cutting Bandsaw Blade

Precision ground teeth for fast, clean cutting.

Freshcut37 food-cutting bandsaw blade

This blade is a precision-ground, hard-tooth bright carbon steel blade for food processing.

Freshcut37 Food Cutting Bandsaw Blade
No other manufacturer offers

Such a complete and versatile range

The razor-sharp hook teeth of Freshcut37 food cutting bandsaw blades allow for maximum penetration while the unique, process-specific tooth set reduces waste for superior yield. This sturdy blade can be used for a wide range of applications, including carcass-splitting and fresh or frozen meat cutting.


Suitable for cutting:

Carcass splitting


Frozen fish or meat



Why use Freshcut37 food-cutting bandsaw blades?

When you purchase Freshcut37 blades, you benefit from:

Superior yield

Reducing product waste

Cleaner cutting

For a more attractive product

Food-grade oil coating

For safe and immediate use

Reduced production costs

To save money

Minimum downtime

For longer production runs

Maximum operating efficiency

To increase your profit

Available tooth forms:



Additional information:

Available widths:

10–19 mm ( ⅜”–¾”)

To see the full range, download our product sheet

Tooth hardness:

62 HRC


Unique, reliable construction

With the strict regulations that food manufacturers must adhere to, it’s important to make sure that all of your processing equipment is of the highest quality. Dakin-Flathers have been designing and manufacturing bandsaws and bandknives for over a century, so we know exactly what it takes to make a quality blade.

Dakin-Flathers blades are made using the highest-quality materials to our stringent production guidelines. When you use one of our blades for your food-processing applications, you can be sure that every ounce of our knowledge and expertise has gone into creating it.

The highest

Guaranteed quality

Every Dakin-Flathers Freshcut37 food blade is backed by our no-quibble Gold Seal Guarantee when factory welded. If you’re not absolutely delighted with your purchase, we’ll replace it or refund you in full.

To find out more information about Freshcut37, download our product brochure.