Food Processing Blades

Discover Freshcut37 - the refreshingly precise food cutting and slicing solution.

Precision ground bandsaw and bandknife blades

Designed specially for high-volume food processing, our Freshcut37 blades promise an accurate, visually appealing cut every single time.

The highest quality

Maximum food-cutting performance

With the sharpest teeth and bevels possible, Freshcut37 food blades provide a truly superior cutting experience. Able to withstand exceptionally high levels of feed pressure, our blades can split carcasses and cut other food products faster than ever before with incredible accuracy and superior yield.

Made from premium quality carbon-rich Western European steel, it’s a blade like no other – which means a longer-lasting, more durable product.

At the beginning we faced resistance from our customers in proving a new brand, since many others tried to operate in the market without success. But gradually we managed to convince them to test and the result could not be better. The success of this partnership is not only due to the excellent quality product provided by Dakin-Flathers, but also by the respect and cordiality of the company with its customers.

Daniel Schmuziger, CEO Indusfacas

Not sure what you need?

Don’t worry – we know it’s not a case of one-size-fits-all. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help find the right product for your requirements.
meat bandsaw blade

Reduce waste with precise, straight cuts

The uniformed set of teeth in our food processing blades mean that you’re guaranteed a more efficient, straighter cut. This will give you a better yield with less food wasted, for greater profit margins. Our rigorous testing ensures we hit our manufacturing specification for set consistency with 98% accuracy.

Freshcut37 blades

Devour the competition

As a Generation37 product, our Freshcut37 food processing blade is guaranteed to outperform the competition by a minimum of 37%. A continual programme of research and development ensures serious quality with every blade produced, and we’re committed to maintaining market-leading status.

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