By working with us, you’ll benefit from high-quality products, fast delivery times and competitive pricing.

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You can benefit from our reputation by becoming a bandknife and bandsaw blade distributor for Dakin-Flathers.

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A reliable partnership

We’re always looking to build lasting relationships with suppliers worldwide. Expanding our distribution network allows us to bring high-performance cutting power to as many industries as possible, increasing their profits and reducing production waste.

We’ll never oversaturate your market, so you don’t need to worry about competing against other Dakin-Flathers distributors.

Our company began its partnership with Dakin-Flathers back in 2001. After testing many companies, we found that Dakin-Flathers was the best option. The quality was superior among other brands we tried. Since then, we have developed the Colombian market which has grown every year thanks to continual improvements of the blades.

Juan Gomez, Director Eurosierras
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Partnership with you

When you partner with us, you get more than just a supplier of high-quality bandsaw and bandknife blades.

We work together with our distributors to ensure that all their needs are met, providing ongoing advice and support throughout the lifetime of our partnership.

Find out more about the dedicated service we provide to our distributors.

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Distributor benefits

Along with our continued support, there are many reasons why being a distributor of our products is beneficial to your business.

From an increased product range to improved profit margins, we’re sure that you’ll be delighted with our partnership.

Why become a Dakin-Flathers distributor?

If you’re considering becoming a Dakin-Flathers distributor, we want you to be sure that the partnership is right for you.

Expand your range

Dakin-Flathers blades make a great addition to your product range. With a wide variety of blade types and uses, we’ll help you to expand your current range, giving your customers more reasons to purchase from you.

Replace your supplier

From high prices, inconsistent quality to long waits for delivery, there are many reasons why your relationship with your current supplier may not be working for you. If you’re looking to move on, Dakin-Flathers are here to make sure that your customers don’t go without.

Increase your profits

Our distributor pricing model allows you to make more money on the products that you sell. Introducing a superior product range that offers performance and durability will benefit your sales and customer retention, leading to increased profits in the long term.

Improve your performance

Dakin-Flathers blades are made in the UK to strict guidelines to ensure quality and performance. We offer our Gold Seal Guarantee on every single one of our blades, so you can be sure that the products you sell to your customers are nothing but the best.

Streamline your stock

By manufacturing all of our blades in-house, we’re able to ensure consistent production and speedy delivery. You’ll never be met with a long wait for supplies, no matter where you are in the world, so there’s no need to keep huge amounts of stock on hand at all times.

Our service for Dakin-Flathers distributors

Right now, we’re looking for more distributors to help us promote and sell our industry-leading range of bandsaw and bandknife blades throughout the global marketplace.

Protecting your territory

While we’re keen to bring our range of cutting blades to more and more customers worldwide, we’re careful not to oversaturate the market with too many Dakin-Flathers distributors in one place.

You’ll never have to worry about us trading directly in your territory like other manufacturers; we want you to benefit from this partnership as much as possible.

Fast delivery, worldwide

We know how frustrating waiting for your order can be, which is why we offer a speedy delivery service worldwide.

Unlike many of our competitors, we can ship large volume international shipments in full, quickly and on time, so you never have to keep your customers waiting.

Reliable stock

By manufacturing in-house here in the UK, we’re able to control production volumes and ensure that we’ve always got sufficient stock to ship to our bandknife and bandsaw blade distributor.

This means that you don’t have to worry about keeping large amounts of stock at any time, as you can be sure that we’ll have the required blades in stock as and when you need them.

Ongoing support

Becoming a Dakin-Flathers distributor is a partnership. Our industry experts are here to support you every step of the way, from providing answers to technical questions to delivering training and marketing support.

Getting the right information to your customers quickly will help you win more orders, secure more customers, and improve your market share.

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To become a distributor

We’re actively seeking out new distributors to partner with Dakin-Flathers.

Would you like to benefit from our extensive product range, outstanding service and ongoing distributor support?

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At the beginning we faced resistance from our customers in proving a new brand, since many others tried to operate in the market without success. But gradually we managed to convince them to test and the result could not be better. The success of this partnership is not only due to the excellent quality product provided by Dakin-Flathers, but also by the respect and cordiality of the company with its customers.

Daniel Schmuziger, CEO Indusfacas