Jerry’s Resharp increases sales by over 120% with ecommerce…

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The Client

Jerry’s Resharp Inc. is a traditional saw and weld up shop operating from Kentucky, USA. For over 20 years, Jerry’s Resharp has provided sawyers with sawmill supplies such as strapping, stretch wrap and a selection of blades along with a blade resharp service. They pride themselves on ‘good old customer service’.

The Brief

Jerry Daugherty, President of Jerry’s Resharp Inc., had been retailing Ripper37 sawmill blades for several years with great success. With sales eventually beginning to plateau after several years of growth, Jerry required a new boost and enlisted support from his partner of choice, Dakin-Flathers.

The Solution

Dakin-Flathers conducted in depth research of Jerrys’ specific market.  We identified a need for end-users across America to order sawmill blades online. Dakin-Flathers developed an ecommerce website with integrated shipping app.  This provided ease of processing orders for Jerry and gave customers exact shipping rates when ordering.

The Result

After joining the DF family several years ago we had steady growth each year. In 2017 we knew we needed to come up with some way to make things easier for our customers to reach out to us. DF, which in my opinion, is one of the most professional groups of people I have ever had the pleasure of working with went to work on the issue and came up with the online store which has tripled our sales and our customers love the convenience. DF has gone way above what I was hoping for in order to help us become a more successful business. They not only have great products but also have that “Can Do” attitude and an outstanding group of pros who always seem to come up with the right idea at the right time.
Jerry Daugherty, President of Jerry’s Resharp Inc

Sales increased by over 120% in the first 12 months of launch and after 2 years, had grown 3 fold. Jerry benefited from a stronger online presence across multiple states and greater customer loyalty, far exceeding his expectations. The online store continues to grow and deliver increased sales and brand awareness for Jerry.

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