Change of supplier leads to 3 fold increase in sales…

The Client

Established in 1996 by company founder and CEO Andrius Zuzevicius. UAB Singlis has matured to accommodate 3 facilities within Lithuania and supports over 80 employees. The company specialises in cutting tool solutions, machines and servicing for a number of industries.

The Brief

Following an internal sales audit, Andrius realised an opportunity to increase growth within the foam processing industry. The problem he faced was that their current supplier couldn’t offer a blade which delivered any advantages over the competition. The search was on for a suitable bandsaw blade supplier who could offer a premium bandknife blade with real user benefits.

The Solution

Following on from a recommendation from a major Polish foam processing plant, after servicing their machinery, Singlis approached Dakin-Flathers to understand what they could deliver.

After initial contact, thorough analysis took place to fully understand the customer’s needs, their market and their customer requirements. Evaldas Stambrauskas, Cutting Tools Manager, visited Dakin-Flathers factory for in depth product training and to see how the patented manufacturing techniques added real value to the blades.

The Results

Following a trial period with several valued customers, Singlis received the news they were hoping to hear. Engineers were extremely satisfied with the Slicer37 bandknife blades supplied and reported longer working blade life and less machine downtime resulting in higher production output for their factories.

In the months to follow, Evaldas rolled out Dakin-Flathers bandknife blades to the remainder of their customers with very positive results from their new bandsaw blade supplier. Singlis’ grew their sales and managed to win and retain new business. Sales with the foam processing sector grew 3 fold and continue to rise.

We are very happy to cooperate with Dakin-Flathers as it helps us to reach our customer’s expectations, goals, and improvements. Support and partnership gave us a chance to develop new markets. It also gives us a strong base to develop new opportunities.
Andrius Zuzevicius, CEO UAB Singlis

Due to the success with Slicer37, Singlis have invested efforts in more of Dakin-Flathers products and are seeing impressive growth in the food processing industry with Freshcut37 blades and also in the mature wood processing sectors with Saw37C flexback bandsaw blades.

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