Carbon Bandsaw Blades

Discover Saw37C - the cutting edge of carbon steel bandsaw blades.

The world’s largest range of carbon bandsaw blades

The Saw37C carbon bandsaw blade range offers the highest possible quality in terms of manufacture and metallurgy. Whatever you require, you can find the right blades from Dakin-Flathers – because nothing else cuts it.

Reliable blades and

Ruthless precision for superior cutting

At Dakin-Flathers, we understand that the integrity of the weld is crucial. Our unique factory welding process ensures an ultra-strong joint, delivering impressive reliability. We’re ruthless with our testing too, as every part of a Saw37C blade comes under harsh scrutiny from our experts – everything from tooth shape to microstructure.

Consistency and quality are paramount to ensure we give our customers the products they require time and again; which is why we invest significant resource into refining our processes, developing robust systems, and monitoring and measuring our products through all stages of manufacture.

Steve Martin, Technical Manager Dakin-Flathers

Not sure what you need?

Don’t worry – we know it’s not a case of one-size-fits-all. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help find the right product for your requirements.
carbon steel bandsaw blades
The saw37c

A blade for every job

The Saw37C bandsaw range brings a whole host of benefits to a wide variety of production processes. From wood and plastic to non-ferrous metals like aluminium, copper and brass, even specialist applications like furniture production, our blades can cut through each material with ease and accuracy.

The highest quality

A cut above the rest

We’ve always been committed to producing the highest quality blades the market has ever seen. That’s why we created Generation37; our development and benchmarking programme that ensures every single one of our carbon bandsaw blades outperforms its competitors by at least 37%. And the results prove it – fatigue testing, set consistency, product range, Saw37C delivers on it all.

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