Dakin-Flathers in powerful new partnership with WIKUS GmbH

WIKUS-Sägenfabrik Wilhelm H. Kullmann GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading names in German Engineering, with an incredible global reputation for high quality bandsaw blades. When WIKUS made the strategic decision to cease production of their premium quality carbon steel bandsaw range, in order to concentrate on developing their other products, Dakin-Flathers was chosen above all other manufacturers to continue supply of world-beating blades.

By partnering with Dakin-Flathers, a world-class carbon bandsaw manufacturer in their own right, WIKUS GmbH has ensured that their customers will experience a seamless, smooth transition and uninterrupted supply of the very highest quality carbon bandsaw blades found anywhere on the international market.

We knew that taking over the provision and maintenance of a high-quality range was a huge responsibility, but it was one we were more than capable of achieving, thanks to our proven track record with other partnerships with manufacturers. We aim to impress at every level, from the quality of our carbon steel bandsaw to the customer service we provide.
Oliver Garside, Dakin-Flathers Managing Director

Dakin-Flathers are renowned for combining state of the art technology with British Craftsmanship, Experience and Expertise to create bandsaw blades of exceptional quality and durability. It’s what has led to Dakin-Flathers’ position as the World’s No.1 name in carbon bandsaw blade manufacturing.

Dakin-Flathers will manufacture and supply carbon bandsaw blades to existing WIKUS saw blade customers, who have previously purchased WIKUS DIAMANT, EXTRA and JET.

Our customers demand the highest quality carbon steel bandsaw blades and Dakin-Flathers are a world-class specialist and the logical choice to continue supply. We needed a partner with a quality and culture consistent with the standing of the Wikus family of brands and Dakin-Flathers were the standout partner. We are delighted with this cooperation, which works well for Wikus and Dakin-Flathers but most importantly for our customers, who can continue to benefit from the high-quality brands to which they are accustomed.
Dr. Jörg H. Kullmann , WIKUS Managing Director

Dakin-Flathers is proud to forge such a strong partnership with globally respected manufacturer WIKUS, and we are looking forward to meeting and surpassing all expectations for quality and service.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of our partnership with WIKUS, please do not hesitate to contact us at wikus@dakin-flathers.com or call direct on +44 (0) 1977 781 786.