Metal Cutting Bandsaw Blades

At Dakin-Flathers, our core business is perfecting high-performance, industry-leading band saw and band knife blades – and we’ve dedicated ourselves to this for over 125 years. We are proud to announce a new addition to our metal cutting bandsaw blades range – SAW37B M51 Bimetal Band Saw.

metal cutting band saw blade

Dakin-Flathers M51 bimetal bandsaw blades have been developed exclusively for large scale industrial cutting applications and hard-to-cut materials such as Titanium and tempered steels. Ideally suited for cutting materials ≤49HRC where standard M42 bimetal would begin to struggle or lose performance.

SAW37B M51 delivers outstanding cutting capabilities and also provides other benefits such as:

  • Significantly faster cutting ratesaccelerated productivity
  • Exceptional performancecleaner, smoother cut
  • Excellent heat and wear resistancecut for longer and harder
  • Increased blade lifereduced production costs and blade spend
  • Minimal noise and vibrationHealth & Safety friendlier environment

If you would like a super-tough, long-lasting bandsaw blade that cuts through production times and costs, call Dakin-Flathers on +44 (0) 1977 705 600 to find out more.

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