How to Select Bandsaw Blade Width

Bandsaw blade width can determine how straight you can make a cut, how tight a curve (radius) or the shape you can achieve with your bandsaw.

The blade width is measured from the tooth tip to the back edge of the blade, as per the example diagram.

Bandsaw blade width

TOP TIP: Refer to the machine manufacturer’s instructions to determine the minimum and maximum blade widths your machine permits.


For cutting curves and radii, the blade should be as wide as the machine permits but still narrow enough so that it can cut the desired shape (radius).


For straight cutting, the blade should be as wide as the machine permits. The wider the blade, the more beam strength it has to promote straighter, more accurate cuts.

Use the chart below to select the correct band width for your project.



You need to cut a radius of 50mm (2″) in a piece of timber. The blade width you should select would be a 10mm (3/8″) wide bandsaw blade. If required, this blade width selection would allow you to cut a minimum radius of 40mm (1 1/2″).

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