Band Saw Blade Teeth Per Inch (TPI) Chart

You must select the correct Teeth Per Inch (TPI) for the thickness of material you are cutting. If the correct TPI is not chosen the blade life will be dramatically reduced. TPI selection is arguably the most important decision when selecting a band saw blade. That’s why Dakin-Flathers have created this useful bandsaw teeth per inch chart.

bandsaw TPI explained

The number of TPI defines the pitch of the blade and can vary from 1 to 32 TPI. On some bandsaw blades there are different pitches on the same blade referred to as Vari-Pitch. TPI is measured from gullet to gullet, not tooth tip to tooth tip – this is known as pitch.

The general rule of thumb is:

• For wood and soft materials aim for 3 – 6 teeth in the workpiece.
• For metals and harder materials aim for 6 – 24 teeth in the workpiece.

Some things to note:

• Too few teeth may straddle the work and break teeth.
• Too many teeth can cause gullet overload and strip teeth.

Use the bandsaw teeth per inch chart below to select the optimum TPI for your project needs.

wood cutting bandsaw tpi

teeth per inch chart for metal cutting

band saw blade teeth per inch chart


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