Band Saw Uses – Do You Know What Blades Cut?

Band saw uses. You’ve probably come into close contact with Dakin-Flathers’ products for years without even knowing it. Basically, our bandsaw and bandknife blades have touched people’s lives all over the world.

We’ve produced a video that not only showcases our products, it shows you just where and when you will have come into contact with a myriad of things in your day-to-day lives that have been cut by Dakin-Flathers bandsaw or bandknife blades. It won’t win any Oscars, but if there were ever to be a ‘Best Supporting Bandsaw’ award, we’d be up there blubbing our acceptance speech.

Watch it and the first thing that will strike you is that our blades aren’t just used to cut wood, oh no. From foam mattresses to carpet underlay, fresh meat to bread. Vehicle seats to sofa cushions – our bandsaws and bandknives are responsible for cutting, shaping and enhancing products right across the manufacturing and food processing industries.

It’s the combination of Dakin-Flathers superior metallurgy, precision and technology that is shaping people’s lives right around the globe.

Take time out for two minutes to watch our video ‘Touching lives the world over’ and see just how involved we are in millions of people’s everyday lives.

Watch Video Here


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