Bimetal Bandsaw Blades

Introducing the Saw37B range of blades for high speed metal cutting.

Unique bimetal blades for reduced costs and faster cutting

With a patented design, Saw37B bimetal blades are built, amongst other benefits, to reduce tooth strippage, resulting in reduced machine downtime and accelerated productivity. With these blades, you’ll be cutting much more than your production time.


High speed steel blades

Our blades are technically superior, and it’s a quality that’s built-in. They’re constructed from a high speed steel strip (HSS) electron beam welded to a high strength spring steel alloy backing material. And the result? Sheer cutting excellence you can rely on.

Blades, as I’ve told you, are great. Congrats to all involved for developing a superior product. Customer just called wanting to order more!

U.S. Machinery Manufacturer

Not sure what you need?

Don’t worry – we know it’s not a case of one-size-fits-all. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help find the right product for your requirements.

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Suitable for

A wide range of applications

Our Saw37B bimetal bandsaw blades are ideal for cutting many different types of metal, including ferrous metals like steel, alloy and iron as well as exotic metals and tempered steel. Whatever the application, our blades are up for the job.

The highest quality

Outperforming the market

We can guarantee that our bimetal bandsaw blades will outperform rival blades by at least 37% – and that’s thanks to Generation37. This is our unique benchmarking programme, born of extensive research and rigorous testing that has proven we exceed on cutting speed, durability and efficiency. With a Dakin-Flathers blade, you can be sure of industry-leading quality.

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