Slicer37 Bandknife Blade

Consistent, ultra-strong welds for long reliable blade life.

A stronger blade, which cuts cleaner for longer

Dakin-Flathers Slicer37 range is the ultimate bandknife blade born from conversations with bandknife blade users, just like you. You told us that you wanted stronger blades that cut cleaner, held their edge for longer, didn’t break prematurely and, above all, kept your line running at full capacity for longer.

Slicer37 Bandknife Blade
No other manufacturer offers

Such a complete and versatile range

We delivered the world-leading Slicer37 bandknife blades, designed to significantly reduce operation costs, machine downtime and production scrap, all of which leads to higher profits for you.

Slicer37 foam blades are suitable for all Bäumer, Fecken-Kirfel, Hyma, Mica, Sunkist and many other makes of bandknife machines.


Suitable for slicing:




Packaging materials


Why use Slicer37 bandknife blades?

When you purchase Slicer37 bandknife blades, you benefit from:

Better wear characteristics

For reduced blade spend

Fewer blade breakages

Meaning less scrap and reduced costs

Fewer blade changes

For less machine downtime

Reduced blade spend

Saving you money

Maximum operating efficiency

To increase your operating profit

Available edge types:


V-tooth flat tip





Additional information:

Available widths:

3–100 mm (⅛”–4”)

To see the full range, download our product sheet

Edge hardness:

50 HRC

Available edge finishes:


Single Bevel Single Edge


Double Bevel Single Edge


Single Bevel Double Edge


Double Bevel Double Edge


Double Bevel Single Edge Uneven Bevel


Unique, reliable construction

With over 125 years’ experience producing high-quality bandsaw and bandknife blades, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a reliable blade.

100% of our manufacturing takes place right here in the UK, using only the highest-quality metals. Our production techniques have been honed over decades, ensuring that every blade we create is the best in the industry.

The highest

Guaranteed quality

Every Dakin-Flathers Slicer37 bandknife blade is backed by our no-quibble Gold Seal Guarantee when factory welded. If you’re not absolutely delighted with your purchase, we’ll replace it or refund you in full.

To find out more information about Slicer37, download our product brochure.