Bandknife Blades

Introducing Slicer37 - the ultimate bandknife blade.

Improve your machine’s performance with Slicer37

Slicer37 premium bandknife blades have been designed to significantly reduce operating costs, as well as production scrap and machine downtime. And the result? Higher profits for your business.

Super strong

Flexible blades

Hitting optimum blade strength is of the utmost importance. After all, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. That’s why we focus on the welding process, which ensures the best possible strength and flexibility to reduce blade breakage and machine downtime, improving productivity and reducing your operating costs.

We have been cooperating with Dakin-Flathers for over 4 years now. Since that time we have forgotten about all our problems with blades from our previous supplier. With a clear conscience we can recommend Dakin-Flathers as a foam cutting tools supplier.

Service Engineer, Pureko SP. Z.O.O. Poland

Not sure what you need?

Don’t worry – we know it’s not a case of one-size-fits-all. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help find the right foam processing product for your requirements.
foam cutting blade
The Slicer37


We knew it would be an ambitious project to create the finest bandknife blades possible, and it all began with many conversations with users like you. You told us you wanted stronger blades, that could cut cleaner than ever before – so we set out on a quest to find excellence.

This included investing in new generation patented manufacturing equipment, as well as a completely new manufacturing process designed to protect the unique metallurgical properties of the steel. We even went as far as creating brand-new packaging for Slicer37 bandknife blades, which prevents the risk of accidental blade notching.

The highest quality

Outperforming the competition

Slicer37 hits the sweet spot that most rivals cannot come close to, with significantly better wear and longevity – at least 37% better, to be precise. This is borne of our Generation37 development and benchmarking scheme, that guarantees our bandknife blades outperform the competition by at least 37%.

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