Grinding Wheels

Correctly sharpened blades perform better and last longer with grinding wheels.

Maximum blade life and performance

Sharpening or grinding a blade requires very specific grit grades to achieve maximum blade life and performance. Dakin-Flathers supply a range of grinding wheels to suit all our Slicer37 bandknife and Ripper37/S sawmill blades.

grinding wheels
No other manufacturer offers

Such a complete and versatile range

We offer high-precision borazon profiled wheels for all tooth profiles of Ripper37/S sawmill blades, and various standard-grade wheels for Slicer37 bandknife blades. By using grinding wheels specially designed for your blades, you’ll benefit from durable blades that perform like new for longer.


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Ripper37/S sawmill blades

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Slicer37 bandknife blades


Tooth profile specific

Borazon wheels for Ripper37/S blades

Various grit grades

Available for bandknife blades

Multiple sizes and profiles

Available for popular bandknife machines

Higher performance

Precise, faster and straighter cuts

Extend your blade life and cutting performance with Dakin-Flathers range of specialised grinding wheels.