Bandsaw Blade Tension Gauge

Optimise blade life and performance by tensioning accurately.

An essential tool to ensure that your blade is set up accurately

It’s essential that there is enough tension on any bandsaw or bandknife blade to prevent it from flexing during the cut. Our bandsaw blade tension gauge is, therefore, an essential tool to ensure that your blade is set up accurately.

Black bandsaw tension gauge with carry case on white background
No other manufacturer offers

Such a complete and versatile range

Our bandsaw blade tension gauge keeps your blades at the right tension which increases blade life, production time, and cut quality, reducing operating costs and boosting your profits.


Bandsaw blade set checker

All manually tensioned bandsaw and bandknife blades


Imperial and metric

Dual-faced display

Highly accurate gauge indicator

+/- 6900 KPA (1000 PSI)

Manufactured from production

grade ABS plastic


Foam-lined protective storage case

poor performance?

Check your bandsaw blade tension

If you’ve ever suffered poor cutting performance from your bandsaw or bandknife blades, it’s highly likely not to be the blade at fault. It’s more often than not a question of tension – too much or too little.

If you don’t set a blade up correctly, no matter how sharp the teeth are or how high quality the steel is, the blade will simply perform badly.

The only true way to measure tension accurately is with a tension gauge.