Bandsaw Blade Set Checker

Double faced gauge for left or right hand use.

A perfectly set and balanced blade

When you have ‘set’ on your blade, it needs to be perfectly balanced in order to achieve a straight and accurate cut. Any inconsistencies to the set will cause the blade to lead left or right in the cut, creating an uneven, wavy finish. A reliable bandsaw blade set checker is needed.

bandsaw blade set checker
No other manufacturer offers

Such a complete and versatile range

Our professional bandsaw blade set checker will allow you to check your blades to prevent poor cuts and wasted materials. The simple design makes it intuitive to use, while its double-faced gauge makes it easy for both left- or right-handed users.


Bandsaw blade set checker

Any blade with ‘set’ teeth


Imperial and metric

Dual-sided display

Highly accurate gauge indicator

+/- 0.025 mm (.001”)


From aluminium casting


Foam-lined protective storage case

not cutting straight?

Check the tooth set

Tooth set amount is the extent a tooth is bent away from the blade width to make the cut a little wider than the blade itself. Set makes it easier for the operator to pivot the work-piece around the blade when contour cutting.

If your blade has uneven set, from left to right, you will be unable to cut a straight line in your material.