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Saw37C Carbon Bandsaws

Saw37C – The cutting edge of carbon steel bandsaw blades

At Dakin-Flathers, we’ve not achieved the status of the largest carbon bandsaw manufacturer in the world by simply dedicating over 100 years to making blades. No, we’ve been refining and reinventing them constantly so that they outperform all other bandsaws in the market.

Take Saw37C. It’s a collection of some of the most precise and durable bandsaws in the world, designed and manufactured using cutting edge techniques. Produced from superior Western European carbon-rich steel made exclusively for Dakin-Flathers. Using such unique raw steel, enables Saw37C teeth to cut with ruthless precision and to resist ‘blade fatigue’ for longer than other leading bandsaw blades.

The Saw37C range encompasses everything you and your customers demand from bandsaws, from heavy duty mass-production manufacturer to a lone precision hobbyist. No other carbon bandsaw manufacturer offers such a complete and versatile range. Saw37C gives you...

  • Superior cutting performance cleaner, accurate cuts
  • Greater durability than leading rivalsincreased productivity
  • Comprehensive range of sizesalways the correct blade for the job
  • Reduced operating costssaves you money
  • Longer blade life less machine downtime
  • Maximum operating efficiencyincreases your profit

“This is the best 1/2” x .032” x 2 Hook bandsaw I’ve ever tried!”

South American End-User

When you need a blade for your machine that you can trust and rely on, call Dakin-Flathers on +44 (0) 1977 705 600 or  email us here to find out exactly how Saw37C can work for you.

To find out more information about Saw37C download our product brochure here.

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