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Saw37B M42 Bimetal Bandsaws

Saw37B – M42 high speed steel blades that cut much more than production time

Everybody wants to be the best but how many companies are actually capable of achieving it? At Dakin-Flathers, our core business is perfecting high performance, industry leading bandsaw and bandknife blades – and we’ve dedicated ourselves to this for over 100 years.

The unique performance of every Saw37B blade is builtin due to uncompromising metallurgical properties and manufacturing techniques – devised specifically by Dakin-Flathers.

Constructed from a high speed strip (HSS), electron beam welded to a high strength spring steel alloy backing material, the Saw37B blade delivers sheer cutting excellence. This generates a cutting performance of high speed steel with the extreme toughness and fatigue resistance of an alloy backing steel, it’s a serious combination.

The high speed steel strip electron beam welded to Saw37B blades isn’t a gimmick, it is simply a technically better blade, it has very real practical and financial benefits to all who come into contact with it, from the machine operative to the financial controller. Saw37B gives you...

  • Significantly faster cutting rates accelerated productivity
  • Exceptional performance cleaner, smoother cut
  • Patented design reduces tooth strippageless machine downtime
  • Excellent heat and wear resistancecut for longer and harder
  • Increased blade lifereduced production costs and blade spend
  • Minimal noise and vibrationHealth & Safety friendlier environment

When you need a blade for your machine that you can trust and rely on, call Dakin-Flathers on +44 (0) 1977 705 600 or  email us here to find out exactly how Saw37B can work for you.

To find out more information about Saw37B download our product brochure here.

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